My daughter became a die-hard fan of mathematics only after studying with Uddipt Sir .
My regards and gratitude.

He was not only a teacher but a guide, counselor, mentor and a friend to my daughter.

Ranjana Goel – Mother

Best place to learn and understand the subject with overall development of the mind.

Sushant Goyal – Student

FEEL Mathematics is the absolute best place to study Mathematics in Jaipur.

Yash Gupta – JEE Advanced – AIR 55

He does not teaches just Maths. No. That is just a plus point. What he truly teaches is LOGIC, something that other Mathematics teachers lack extensively. Logic is the root of Maths, without it there is no Maths. If you want to UNDERSTAND Maths and seek the LOGIC behind it, Feel Mathematics is your kind of Place!

Maitray Agrawal

25 years ago about this time of the year an event happened and it fundamentally changed the path of the individual that today types. I found academic success, what one can call success in an academic sense for that period and most periods, easy to come by but strangely so Math was that one Shakespearean tragic flaw. It was this one happenstance of being on a table with a lined thick register and an even thicker pair of reading glasses where the music of math started to make sense. I owe my successes to many in my path but to one I owe much and forever indebted. To the gentleman who in the formative years taught me more than just math. And above all till today I say the words to my very own 12-year-old. It is not important whether it is right or not but you have to know it deep within yourself why oh why is that solution right and that is why it is beautiful. There are many a friends who marched on different paths but we all share this gratitude and debt to him for the Kritya.

Mausam Mathur

Here you will not just prepared for any competition exam perhaps you will understand the real meaning of Mathematics. You will able to Crack any competition exam by default. Uddipt sir will teach you how to think maths which will be helpful not only for mathematics, but it will be helpful in all subjects. The best place to study mathematics.

Chetan Sharma

Indeed it was the great experience when i was studying maths under the Uddipt sir(Feel Mathematics). He always trying to taught mathematics with different ideas. He always told that start learning and practicing don’t cram the other subject too.And during my iit-jee preparation it helped me a lot and i use this approach in my college days. Thank you sir.
Sir I always with you in this campaigning “stop cramming, Start Learning”

Romesh Agarwal

From being an average student during school days, Feel mathematics made me what I am today. From getting tensed during school exams to cracking boards exams and different competitive exams, from getting scared from the subject to the phase when you start loving studies, from being a dumb fellow to be able to take logical decisions in life; I owe all these to this organization. Uddipt sir teaches Maths because he loves it, and he makes you to love the subject even more. Apparently, you start loving other subjects as well, and your grades improve. He makes you efficient enough to crack any exam in the world, not only IIT. He gives personal attention to each and every student which you don’t get in any coaching institute. Your life changes, for better.

Vinayak Gupta

The place where you truly FEEL MATHEMATICS.
“The bestest guide of all.
Will always be greatful to u sir.

Aditi Gupta

Feel Mathematics is a place that truly motivates and encourages one to understand mathematics conceptually under the guidance of the best teacher of mathematics without a doubt. Uddipt Sir, inculcates his love for the subject in his students. I truly am grateful to you sir,not just for teaching me so amazingly but also for being a friend and guide to me always.

Mahak Acharya

Feel Mathematics wasn’t just a place where we simply learnt math but something way more. Even the most minute detail of the topic was taught to us in such a great depth that we enjoyed studying it as well as our minds grew and became more clear as to how things actually come from. We saw things getting changed, getting created and taking different forms; which reduced the problems to just calculations. Feel Mathematics is the perfect place to fall in love and rise high in maths. Uddipt Sir precisely and accurately lays emphasis on the theory which makes solving questions fun. It’s a great place to learn, grow and apply the lessons not only in maths but in your day today life.

Ashwil Bhupesh

Best Math class you can get in Jaipur. You will notice the difference between training and teaching since your first day. Uddipt Sir is 50% strict, 50% patient and a 100% ingenious. What you learn here will stay with you for life.So I would advice all students aspiring for a good engineering college to ditch coaching and go learn some real mathematics.

Kanika Agarwal

Best Place for those who love maths ! Excellent environment , full of energy and logic too. With d best teacher one can Get ! Feel Mathematics aims towards perfection with understanding in subject. Thereby giving assured success. :)!!

Kritagya Agarwal – Scored 109 marks out of 122 in JEE Advanced Maths!