Why Us

The Following Major points outline our Services :-

1. Enthusiastic, inspiring and energizing atmosphere create a positive environment for the students.

2. Use of modern techniques for teaching, like use of projectors to make classes more interactive and use of animations to help them visualize concepts better.

3. Students are asked for feedback so that we stay informed with their requirements and interests and implement them.

4. Most experienced and well equipped faculty in Jaipur to provide students in depth clarity of concepts to compete in IIT JEE.

5. Specially designed classroom programs to strike a balance between school studies and competitive examination studies.

6. Systematic planning giving due weightage to each chapter as per IIT-JEE requirements. Syllabus is covered keeping in mind the timelines, saving students from last moment panic situation to complete the syllabus.

7. Concept building through Theory and Derivations followed by Illustrations. No mugging of direct formulas is induced.

8. Specially designed study package providing most relevant questions, covering all possible concepts and methods to provide best possible preparation for IIT JEE, followed by revision package (with a revision plan) at the completion of syllabus.

9. Periodic tests to review student’s learning and improve performance during the course of study. And revision test series at the end to give students true taste of IIT JEE.

10. Provision for additional time for individual doubts of students.

11. Separate classes for chapters coming in CBSE board exams but not in IIT JEE syllabus.

12. Regular reports of student’s performance in tests and classes are conveyed to parents through report cards, email and SMS. They can ask for report of their ward anytime by email or SMS.

13. Students are counseled and motivated regularly in and out of classroom for better performance. Students can call us or message us anytime in matter of academic or psychological support.

14. Students are guided at the time of filling of IIT JEE, AIEEE and other important forms, and counseled for various options of their career.

15. We organize various in house activities and programs to motivate the students.