The Institute

Feel Mathematics, an Institute to empower students with the art of thinking logically. The institute has proven its consistency in results over the years, achieving excellent results in JEE Advanced (previously IIT JEE), JEE Mains(previously AIEEE), BITSAT, KVPY, XI & XII CBSE Boards and also in Mathematics Olympiad.

Our root mantra, “don’t just solve, feel it”, allows our faculty to teach mathematics in ways different from other conventional institutes. Teaching of mathematics, now a days, is done by making the student to cram the questions, emphasizing on mere solving without thinking. But at Feel Mathematics, we change that. Teachers at Feel Mathematics emphasize on solving with understanding, perfectly balancing the mechanical work with proper Logical and Rational thinking, allowing the student to enjoy the subject with clear concepts.

We at Feel Mathematics, put learning to a priority, because we don’t just teach for an exam, we teach to build foundations of the next-gen engineers, architects, entrepreneurs and thinkers. We believe that mathematics is beautiful and we teach to make the students believe it too.

We believe that the moment a student starts feeling the subject, which come with precise thinking and adequate practice, the result is bound to come. And the result is just a by product of the student’s learning and knowledge. And so we happen to produce results which are higher than the expectations of the student and parents.

A student, having developed a mathematical way of thinking, becomes more creative, innovative, curious, passionate and patient which ultimately makes him more mature and responsive to his surroundings. He starts understanding the nuisances of human life and develops a perspective to live through life smoothly.

The system is implemented by highly skilled and experienced faculty of India in Mathematics providing their expertise & skill in a fully structured subject material, if students follow that from the beginning, they don’t need to consult any other books or references. The experienced skills of the teacher make teaching a disciplined play rather than an academic schedule which leave indelible impressions on the brain of the students.

The Basic concept of education Feel Mathematics uses is by visualization of Maths. For IIT-JEE and other competitive exams,  the most important requirement for handling a problem is instant thinking ability and quick decision making. A student brain is to be developed up to a level so that he/she is able to practically visualize the concept in his/her mind as soon as the problem is in front of him/her. At Feel Mathematics, the main stress is to develop the thinking ability and the IQ of the students through interactive teaching, instant tests, quizzes and many other activities.

At Feel Mathematics You Get-

1. Exhaustive preparation for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced while covering BITSAT and CBSE Board exams.

2. Guidance for KVPY and Olympiad Examinations.

3. Regular Test Organisation of both Online and Offline exams

To find the deficiencies and then rectify them

4. Complete Exhaustive course material

An extract of everything in capsule form

5. Class Rooms

Comfortable, Spacious and Air Conditioned

6. Teaching Methodology

Soul of FEEL MATHEMATICS, Unique in itself, stress on development of Thinking