The Faculty

Mr. Uddipt Agrawal

Many start as teachers and become proclaimed experts, and then  there are some for whom excellence is an ongoing process, Uddipt Agarwal’s life long journey to fame as a teacher for IIT-JEE Mathematics in Jaipur is an ongoing process to evolve, innovate and deliver student friendly programmes to ensure success year after year.He has given hundreds of  IIT-JEE, OLYMPIAD & KVPY selections to Jaipur and has been guiding the students for IIT-JEE for last  20 years.

He has a sweet, warm, charming  & magnetic personality which accounts for his brilliance in teaching  and friendliness with students. He is a great motivator and thinker and is utterly dedicated to his profession. Till  now he has produced about 550 IITians with 15 standing in the top 100 AIRs.His classes are full of energy and fun, and his high motivating skills ensure tension free studies. He puts his soul in his work that eventually makes him a highly skilled mathematics teacher .

Not limiting himself to classroom teaching and learning, he also takes active interest in the balanced progress of his students not  only in academics but in life too.

Experience in Teaching :

  • Was invited as a guest observer to the Homibhabha Center for Science Education
  • Has been an active trainer cum guide in reputed schools of Jaipur like India International and Maheshwari Public, for their Mathematics Department.
  • Have been regularly organizing Preparatory Camps for Olympiad and KVPY in Jaipur.