About Us

Our root mantra, “don’t just solve, feel it”, allows our faculty to teach mathematics in ways different from other conventional institutes. Teaching of mathematics, now a days, is done by making the student to cram the formulae, emphasizing on mere solving questions without thinking. But at Feel Mathematics, we change that. Teachers at Feel Mathematics emphasize on solving problems with understanding, perfectly balancing the mechanical work with proper Logical and Rational thinking while achieving Accurate results, allowing the student to enjoy the subject with clear concepts.

We at Feel Mathematics, put learning to the highest priority, because we don’t just teach for an exam, we teach to build foundations of the next-gen engineers, architects, entrepreneurs and thinkers. We believe that mathematics is beautiful and we teach to make the students believe it too.

A student, having developed a mathematical way of thinking, becomes more creative, innovative, curious, passionate and patient which ultimately makes them more mature and responsive to their surroundings. They start understanding the nuisances of human life and develops a perspective to live through life smoothly.

Logic & Accuracy

We believe that the moment a student starts feeling the subject, which comes with precise thinking and adequate practice, the result is bound to come. And the result is just a by product of the student’s learning and so we happen to produce results which are higher than the expectations of the student and his/her parents.


Mr. Uddipt Agrawal is a great teacher, motivator, philosopher, thinker and a true well wisher of the students. He is utterly responsible and dedicated to his profession. He is a very simple person who simply likes the best. He has been guiding the students for IIT-JEE for last 25 years. Till now he has produced about 350 IITians with 15 standing in top 100 AIR’s. He also loves to guide the students for other prestigious exams like RMO, INMO, KVPY and many of his students have qlualified in these exams. He really puts his soul in his work.