Feel Mathematics, is an Institute to empower students with the art of thinking logically and achieve precision in their work.

The institute has proven its consistency in results over the years, achieving excellent results in JEE Advanced (previously IIT JEE), JEE Mains (previously AIEEE), BITSAT, B.Arch, KVPY, XI & XII CBSE Boards and also in Mathematics Olympiad.


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About Us

Our root mantra, “don’t just solve, feel it”, allows our faculty to teach mathematics in ways different from other conventional institutes. Teaching of mathematics, now a days, is done by making the student to cram the formulae, emphasizing on mere solving questions without thinking. But at Feel Mathematics, we change that. Teachers at Feel Mathematics emphasize on solving problems with understanding, perfectly balancing the mechanical work with proper Logical and Rational thinking while achieving Accurate results, allowing the student to enjoy the subject with clear concepts.

We at Feel Mathematics, put learning to the highest priority, because we don’t just teach for an exam, we teach to build foundations of the next-gen engineers, architects, entrepreneurs and thinkers. We believe that mathematics is beautiful and we teach to make the students believe it too.

A student, having developed a mathematical way of thinking, becomes more creative, innovative, curious, passionate and patient which ultimately makes them more mature and responsive to their surroundings. They start understanding the nuisances of human life and develops a perspective to live through life smoothly.

Logic & Accuracy

We believe that the moment a student starts feeling the subject, which comes with precise thinking and adequate practice, the result is bound to come. And the result is just a by product of the student’s learning and so we happen to produce results which are higher than the expectations of the student and his/her parents.


Mr. Uddipt Agrawal is a great teacher, motivator, philosopher, thinker and a true well wisher of the students. He is utterly responsible and dedicated to his profession. He is a very simple person who simply likes the best. He has been guiding the students for IIT-JEE for last 25 years. Till now he has produced about 350 IITians with 15 standing in top 100 AIR’s. He also loves to guide the students for other prestigious exams like RMO, INMO, KVPY and many of his students have qlualified in these exams. He really puts his soul in his work.

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Our Results




JEE Advanced

1 Moshir 2740
2 Yash Sharma 4167
3 Lokesh 5350
4 Mudit Gupta 7419

JEE Mains

1 Moshir
2 Lokesh sharma
3 Archit Sh.
4 Rishabh Agarwal
5 Bhawna
6 Abhishek Jain
7 Abhinav
8 Tarun
9 Harshit Goyal
10 Mudit Gupta
11 Paritosh
12 Lovish Gupta
13 Lavanshu
14 Vaibhav
15 Mahak Acharya
16 Bhavya
17 Kriti Gera


Lokesh sharma 331/450
Moshir 320/450
Tarun 302/450
Paritosh 286/450
Kriti gera 274/450
Mudit Gupta 275/450
Rishabh Agarwal 275/450
Archit Sh. 267/450

CBSE Boards

Paritosh 99/100
Harshit Goyal 99/100
Moshir 98/100
Bhawna 96/100
Kriti Gera 95/100
Mahak Acharya 95/100
Abhinav 95/100
Jagriti 95/100
Tarun 94/100
Archit 93/100

Selections in NDA

Lovish Gupta

Selections in IIM

Written Exam
Archit Sharma
Priyanshi Batra
Kriti Gera

JEE Advanced

1 Kartikeya Verma AIR 569 (Category Rank)
2 Harshit Kumar AIR 296 (Category Rank)
3 Meenakshi Joshi AIR 17119
4 Yash sharma AIR 14919
5 Pratek Sharma AIR 8667
6 Shreyans Jain AIR13670
7 Manoj Yadav AIR 4304 (Category Rank)
8 Vinayak Agarwal

JEE Mains

1 Meenakshi Joshi
2 Vinayak Agarwal
3 Pratek Sharma
4 Shreyans Jain
5 Manoj Yadav
6 Bharat agrawal
7 Sipika Garg
8 Shubham Gupta


1 Kartikeya Verma 223 Marks
2 Harshit Kumar 230 Marks
3 Meenakshi Joshi 300 Marks
4 Yash sharma 269 Marks
6 Prateek Sharma 282 Marks
7 Shreyans Jain 252 Marks
8 Manoj Yadav 216 Marks
9 Bharat agrawal 230 Marks


1 Himani Khanduja
2 Karan Tejwani
3 Navdeep Bajaj
4 Ankita Gupta
8 Anirudhh Kalla
9 Ayush Jain


1 Himani Khanduja 300 marks
2 Navdeep Bajaj
3 Ritika Karnani 278 marks
4 Ayush Jain 263 marks

CBSE Boards

1 Shivani Akar 95
2 Ritika Karnani 100
3 Sumit Pal Singh 100
4 Ayush Jain 100



1 Manu Gupta
2 Muktesh Jain
3 Rahul Nagar
4 Harsh Pokharna
5 Ronak Agrawal
6 Jainendra Batra
7 Kanishka Gupta
8 Arpit Jain
9 Vijay Sharma
10 Piyush Sharma


1 Mohit Dak

Selections in IIT-JEE upto 2010




















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Here you will not just prepared for any competition exam perhaps you will understand the real meaning of Mathematics. You will able to Crack any competition exam by default. Uddipt sir will teach you how to think maths which will be helpful not only for mathematics, but it will be helpful in all subjects. The best place to study mathematics.

Chetan Sharma

25 years ago about this time of the year an event happened and it fundamentally changed the path of the individual that today types. I found academic success, what one can call success in an academic sense for that period and most periods, easy to come by but strangely so Math was that one Shakespearean tragic flaw. It was this one happenstance of being on a table with a lined thick register and an even thicker pair of reading glasses where the music of math started to make sense. I owe my successes to many in my path but to one I owe much and forever indebted. To the gentleman who in the formative years taught me more than just math. And above all till today I say the words to my very own 12-year-old. It is not important whether it is right or not but you have to know it deep within yourself why oh why is that solution right and that is why it is beautiful. There are many a friends who marched on different paths but we all share this gratitude and debt to him for the Kritya.

Mausam Mathur